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We strive for light & airy wedding imagery


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Our approach to weddings is unique – we live for beautiful moments & light which means we carefully choose our angles and backdrops accordingly to create wedding photographs that are light, airy and full of emotion.

We focus on capturing natural, candid photographs that tell a story of your wedding day –  these are usually the most important wedding photographs that couples treasure. It could be the moment during the ceremony when your parents start to tear up with pride, or your friends going absolutely crazy on the dancefloor – weddings are full of these fleeting moments, and having two photographers means we can preserve more of these for you!

Catherine usually starts her day photographing the bridal preparations, while Andy spends the morning with the groom. Throughout the day all of the key events are captured from at least two angles without the need to move around and distract from the formalities. Inspired by beautiful light, we will also take the time to compose beautifully lit, genuine and natural looking portraits of the two of you! We want to keep these couple portrait sessions as relaxed as possible and make sure you both feel at ease – we want you to love every second of your wedding day!